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Jetty Magic

It’s Beautiful.  The wind is good.  See why Jetty Island is one of seattle’s favorite places to kitesurf.  Advanced riders love it and beginners do well at Jetty Island.



Jetty Island:  Seattle kitesurfers have it made.

Jetty Island: Seattle kitesurfers have it made.


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2 Responses to “Jetty Magic”

  1. admin Says:

    (From Youtube) pacokite

    great video

  2. Katie Clack Says:

    Your videos get better and better J! I’m so glad that the Jetty delivered while you were in town. You couldn’t have caught it on a better day and your video really captures our little gem of a kite site. : ) Glad we could help you out on a video, yet again! We’ll definitely call you up when we make it to Idaho for some snowkite action.

    Katie Clack

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